Frequently Asked Questions

What is BabySteps?
BabySteps is a non-profit education and incentive program for limited-income pregnant women and families to promote healthier pregnancies, babies, and families. [back to top]

Who can join BabySteps?

Women who meet the following criteria are eligible to enroll:
* Pregnant (enroll preferably by the 6th month of pregnancy; however, anytime before birth accepted)
* Receiving prenatal care
* Reside in Ada County
* Limited income verified by WIC, Medicaid or Headstart enrollment
* In order to serve first-time participants and prevent a wait list, we will NOT re-enroll women who have participated in BabySteps before. Learn how to enroll here.
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I am already in my third trimester, can I still join?

Yes. BabySteps is an education program designed to help women have a healthy pregnancy and delivery; therefore, we prefer referrals to be during the first or second trimester. All clients must enroll and attend prior to the birth of their child. [back to top]

I already delivered my baby, can I still join?

No. BabySteps is an education program designed to help women have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Although clients continue on the program following the birth of their baby, new enrollees must join and attend prior to the birth of their baby. [back to top]

I have limited English skills, can I still participate?

All Daytime Classes at BabySteps are taught in English. Spanish speakers may attend our parenting class held on Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. which are taught in English and Spanish. Those with limited English skills other than Spanish may join BabySteps if they are concurrently enrolled in ESL classes. Proof of enrollment is required at time of BabySteps enrollment. [back to top]

How are the groups organized?

BabySteps daytime education classes (our core program) offers three classes simultaneously. In order to meet the needs of the individual client/stage, classes are divided into: pregnancy, 0-7 month baby, and 8-15 month baby. [back to top]

When do the groups meet?
Daytime educational classes (core program) are offered Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. Evening Nurturing Skills for Families classes are offered Tuesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. [back to top]

What types of activities/classes are taught during the group sessions?

Educational programs during the daytime hours are primarily medical and life skill oriented. Professionals come from the community to speak on health, safety, literacy, legal, financial, and developmental subjects. Evening classes focus on behavioral parenting techniques, and skills to foster positive child behavior and development. [back to top]

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes. Women are always encouraged to bring a support person to BabySteps and are offered double incentive points when they bring support. A support person is an adult who is: the baby’s father, family member, friend, caseworker or anyone else who they feel is supportive. [back to top]

I have other children, what do they do during class?

BabySteps offers supervised childcare during educational programs. In order to provide a meaningful classroom experience, we discourage children in class with their parents. Exceptions are made at the Director’s discretion for newborns. [back to top]

What about parking?

St. Michael’s Cathedral is a downtown location. Therefore, all participants must use street parking. Parking immediately in front of the building requires change for meters. There is free street parking available within a couple blocks of St. Michael’s Cathedral east on Seventh and Eighth Streets. The City of Boise does not require meter payment after 6 p.m. for evening programs. [back to top]

I have a referral, do I need to make an appointment, what do I do?

If you have received a referral to BabySteps, you do not need to call and schedule an appointment for registration. Registration is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays prior to daytime educational programs. We ask that you bring your referral slip and arrive 30 minutes beforehand to complete registration paperwork (Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 3:30 p.m.). For complete information on getting started click here.    [back to top]

How can I support BabySteps?

We would love to have you support us! Whether you are interested in donating your time, your financial resources or contributing in another way, we have an option for you to help BabySteps. [back to top]

BabySteps is an incentive based education program for low-income mothers in Ada County. Our greatest needs are diapers, wipes, and toiletries for our BabySteps Boutique. Clients redeem points earned by attending classes, doctor appointments, WIC, and making healthy lifestyle choices in the BabySteps Boutique following class. [back to top]

Individuals and organizations may help by donating these items or conducting a diaper drive benefitting BabySteps. You may also offer cash donations; memorials are greatly appreciated and assist with program needs. [back to top]

Can BabySteps provide a guest speaker for my community group?

Yes. Our Speaker’s Bureau serves to provide information to community groups and organizations about our services. Please contact BabySteps for more information.

Are there internship opportunities available at BabySteps?

Yes. BabySteps offers internship opportunities through Boise State University Service Learning Department. Please contact BabySteps for more information. [back to top]

Where is BabySteps located?

BabySteps is located at St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral which is in downtown Boise, across the street from the Capital on the corner of Eighth and State streets. Classes are held in the basement of the Tuttle building, 518 N. Eighth Street, Boise, ID 83702. For a map and directions, click here. [back to top]

Do I have to be on BabySteps in order to attend the Nurturing Skills for Families (NSF) classes?

No. Nurturing Skills for Families (NSF) is offered free of charge to all interested parents in the Treasure Valley. Please contact us at 342-5601 x212 for more information. [back to top]

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