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Our Mission

BabySteps is an outreach program of St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral whose mission is to welcome limited income (185% Federal Poverty), pregnant and parenting women and their families into a program of education and support as a primary prevention strategy to improve birth outcomes, improve the health of women and children, strengthen families and optimize every child’s developmental potential.


Our History

St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral was established as a parish nearly 150 years ago and has been located in the Cathedral at the corner of 8th and State Streets in Boise over 100 years. St. Michael’s has had a remarkable history of contributing to the well being of Boise and the greater Idaho community. Some of the most notable are the founding of St. Luke’s Hospital in 1902, the opening of St. Margaret’s School in 1892 and its transition to Boise Junior College in 1932—now Boise State University. Parishioners have served their community in countless ways over the past 150 years contributing to the educational, cultural, spiritual, social and physical health of its citizens. St. Michael’s congregation of 1,500 members is currently active in many ongoing projects in the Boise area. St. Michael’s has demonstrated both their long term commitment to the community and their ability to lead and carryout diverse ministries.

BabySteps opened in February 2003, and has enrolled over 1,300 women and their families. Working in collaboration with over forty community partners who focus their efforts on high risk pregnant women, new parents and children, BabySteps engages participants in a strategic incentive program to increase knowledge, empathy and support. The program promotes effective parenting skills, links participants to other available resources and provides a caring community to achieve healthy births and strengthen families. BabySteps believes that gains in each of these areas helps participants develop positive parenting practices to promote optimal child development and prevent child abuse and neglect.

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