Success Stories

“I remembered what you taught us, and I didn’t think twice.”

Words spoken by single mom, Josie, to her peers in the mentoring group The Step Up Academy, when she became aware her daughter’s personal safety and that of other Boise children had been compromised and was at risk. Josie made an immediate decision to take action, protecting all children’s innocence and safety. An active member of BabySteps since February 2011, she used the knowledge acquired in the educational classes, particularly those on child safety, and chose to be “part of the solution, rather than perpetuating the problem” by addressing a sensitive issue, demanding justice, and not being silent. Josie is courageous and a beautiful young woman and role model.

We are so blessed to have Josie a part of BabySteps, our parent volunteer leadership team, and the greater community. She exemplifies what we all strive to be: a passionate and loving woman and mother with dreams of building a safe and nurturing home for her daughter, while being an active member of the Boise community. After all, it takes a village to raise a healthy child.



“Spreading God’s Love While Mentoring Other Mothers”

Olga was blessed to be raised in a family filled with love. Her parents worked very hard as migrant workers and had the dream of Olga and her five sisters completing their education and providing loving homes for their children. When Olga was 15 years old, her father was murdered in Mexico on a family vacation after being robbed, and testifying to the police. Despite grief and long days of extremely hard work, Olga persevered, graduated high school and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Spanish and Education from Boise State University.

Married with three beautiful children, Olga joined BabySteps in December 2007 while pregnant with her oldest child. A graduate of The Step up Academy, Olga is a natural leader and was soon recognized by her peers as a resource of support and knowledge of community resources. Olga has assisted several BabySteps mothers in times of need that were victims of domestic violence, and assumed the leadership role of facilitating the Spanish Nurturing Parenting group in October 2010. Olga continues to share God’s love through her faithful service not only at BabySteps, but in the Boise Independent School District as a Spanish teacher, Early Head Start, and various parenting groups. Her dream is to pursue a Master of Science in Social Work while continuing to mentor other mothers and provide a loving and nurturing home for her family.



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